A Lovely Experience At Tony’s Town Square

A charming, delightful, well-lit restaurant with fantastic Italian food. That about sums up Tony’s Town Square, the Italian restaurant in Magic Kingdom. What I love about this restaurant is that it’s just inside the entrance to Magic Kingdom, so it’s a great place to people-watch as other guests enter and leave the Magic Kingdom.

The entrance to Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. Love the tall, stately, graceful columns! Credit: © Theme Park Tourist / Flickr

The restaurant can be found to your immediate right as you enter Magic Kingdom. The entrance to the Magic Kingdom is through the red colored train station at the bottom of the map, shown below – as you pass under the building, you come to Magic Kingdom’s entrance plaza which has guest services, shops, and so forth. Tony’s Town Square in on the right hand side, next to a small set of shops. Fantastic place to see people come into the Magic Kingdom, and you can see the parades as they march down and around the plaza.

Entrance to Magic Kingdom plaza. Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is on the right hand side – see the blue arrow. Credit: Disney Parks Map

The restaurant is themed after The Lady & The Tramp, on the scene where both dogs are eating spaghetti. Make sure you see the statue of both in the middle of the restaurant! It’s a great place for a picture.

The Lady and the Tramp statue in the middle of Tony’s. Credit: Traci Sproule / Dreamstime

Speaking of spaghetti, Tony’s serves up all kinds of great pasta dishes: spaghetti, chicken parmigiana, fettucine alfredo, etc. Plenty of kids options are available: child’s menus are “build your own” by selecting grilled chicken, spaghetti, or macaroni and then selecting two addons from a list which includes grapes, fruit, green beans, etc. The servers at Tony’s Town Square are also very reasonable with changes – I asked for a side plate of diced grilled chicken for my child’s spaghetti meal (which was not listed as an addon option on the menu) and they did it with no problem!

If your child is more of a preteen and needs more food than what a child’s meal provides, Tony’s Town Square can also take an adult sized meal and break it up into two plates – my preteen wanted steak but wouldn’t have been able to finish it; the server was able to split the steak into two separate plates, one plate for her and one plate for the rest of the table to sample from.

I personally had the garlic bread as an appetizer, fettucine alfredo as the main, and the strawberry short cake as dessert. Other family at my table had the sustainable fish, spaghetti, chicken parm, and the steak. We all agreed that Tony’s Town Square is a great restaurant, roughly on par with or slightly better than Olive Garden.

So bottom line: Tony’s is a great place to people-watch Magic Kingdom guests from. You can’t see the evening fireworks displays from it (for that you’d want either Crystal Palace or The Plaza restaurants) but you can see some parades as they march through the entrance plaza; make sure you ask for a window seat. The food is roughly equivalent in quality to Olive Garden (and I love Olive Garden, so that’s a positive in my view). It’s easy to get to as it’s right inside the Magic Kingdom entrance, in comparison to other restaurants which can be scattered inside MK and require you to wend your way through crowds. I actually love to get early lunch reservations and eat while watching the crowds in the Magic Kingdom entrance plaza. Tony’s is a great option if you want Italian food in the most magical place on earth!