Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party – A 2022 Recap

I was coming home from work this afternoon, and while sitting in my Uber looking out the window, I saw so many children walking around trick-or-treating. That’s a VERY welcome sight after the last two years of pandemics. Seeing all the neighborhood’s children and their parents walking around, greeting each other, it feels as if a sense of community and normalcy is returning.

And that’s more or less why I love going to Magic Kingdom’s Halloween parties. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (often abbreviated MNSSHP) is a microcosm of American communities all over the nation, children collecting their well-earned candy and neighbors able to reconnect with each other after being shut in their homes for far too long. This year I was lucky enough to visit MNSSHP on several nights, and I loved seeing everybody dressed up. Both adults and children were obviously having so much fun!

I want to highlight some notable media items I saw that really didn’t get the attention they deserve. This Reddit post is a nice shot of how much candy you get during MNSSHP evenings at Magic Kingdom:

Credit: Post on Reddit’s r/WaltDisneyWorld on October 2, 2022

This is a nice overview of the candy from MNSSHP, it’s good quality candy. Too often people end up handing out old or crumpled candy, I’m very happy to say that Disney springs for good, name brand candy that looks to be in good shape. I personally sampled a great deal of MNSSHP candy and they were delicious.

A lot of people don’t know that Wilderness campgrounds have their own small Halloween bash – people decorate their RVs in the Halloween spirit. A great example is this video from Resort TV 1 – forward to 2 hours 44 minutes in to see a selection of great examples. I love the Boba Fett design!

Credit: YouTube

And finally, no highlight of MNSSHP is complete without mentioning the fireworks. Love the castle all lit up in spooky colors:

Credit: YouTube